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This is the most accurate gif of Florida I have ever seen.

 ”What the fuck?” 

She’s not even scared, she’s just mad and confused.

baby gators are basically confused sharp bunnies who wander into other people’s pools for a dip and some sunbathing and might gnaw on u. mommas are the scary ones.

confused sharp bunnies

i’d argue that you don’t even have to worry about mommas.  alligators are literally stoners.  like don’t fuck with their stuff and they’ll just chill and leave you alone.

i grew up in florida. i was riding my bike once and managed to fall over and into a swamp full of gators and they just stared at me like ‘what the fuck did you do that for?’ they are some of the calmest creatures ever.

Alligators have not evolved in two hundred million years.  They’re too lazy.

You can distinctly make out that she’s saying “What the fuck? Whose alligator is this?”

Lele Pons


HQ Gif Blod -

  • me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
  • next day: *everything fucks up*


its ok if you don’t follow me on tumblr as long as you follow me into bed


do you ever wonder if your followers ever talk about you outside of tumblr

Hey! My name is Alice, but people call me Ally. 17! I'm finally a senior! Wewt! I'm pretty outgoing, and I show my true colors all the time. Music is my life, and I love animals. I like being able to help people out. Other than that, my ask box is open and I reply to everything!(:

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